Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Man Who Isn't There

Yeah so I'm Alex and I'd be probably as drunk as Jay right now but honestly the fact that we've been getting drunk to get rid of the faceless asshole because we heard it worked somewhere keeps scaring me sober. Not sober enough, since I keep typing wrong shit but okay, so he shows up at your normal state of consciousness so why not try to go to a different one to get rid of him, I mean what else can you do? So we have been drinking and smoking and it's been making Jay a little more oblivious to how fucking pants shittingly terrifying he is but damn he's there or he's not at the same time. So how the fuck is that right I mean god.

Jay is really fucking shit in the head and I am starting to think that these aren't our real names. I need more drink. I feel like the whole faceless guy thing might click into place in the place drunk and high go to play together. Something about fields. Jay is being a total dipshit about this, or maybe getting waaaaay too into it or something, like roleplaying gone horribly wrong.

but anyway need to do waaaaay more drinking before I' am comparitively understandabble okay I think the viodka just h kicked in a bit more but I rthink i'm supposed ot be writngins seomthing.

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