Saturday, June 11, 2011

goddammit Alex

Alex is all trying to be coherent what is zie trying to prove

whatever bitch/basterd/whatever. I can hold my own just watch me. Fucking sobering up by force of will righttttttt.....NOW.

That tall fucker is still here. Worst party crasher I swear. But he's more than that I think. Scares Alex bad. I dunno maybe because he only shows up when I'm drunk but I am not scared of him. Alex is fucking around idek what zie's doing. Zie's saying something about fields. Magnetic fields? Zie fucking lovves that band and with good reason but i dunno if that's what zie's talking about right now.
fuck I have the spins. HEY let's finish this sixpack. or get into awkward emotional confessions now becaus god dammit i am scared. of the guy yes. but because of other things too. but mostly the tall guy. Please don't look at me with that faceless face anymore I can't handle it
don't LOOK AT ME
GET AWAY fuck oh fuck get away from alex get away from hir please oh please just leave us alone if I keep on drinking will you leave us alone

oh hey another bottle yes

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