Friday, May 20, 2011


FUCK THAT FOOL i coulda drunk him under the table but uh I didn't. So you know whateves because um fuck that guy
Goddamn I am coughing like crazy this is bullshit. Some fucking dude is making me cough, or wait that doesn't make sense fuck
whahahaha my friend "I have family issues too, theyre about....CHOCOLATE"
I love drinking good grief
wtf is with this skinny dude he's freaking me out dude fuck off get away from me for reals your suit is so shitty and like, unfashionable


So drinking guy under table didn't work. But I met this other guy at the bar were I tried who did more or less everything for a twenny.
even locking guy in a room until he had sex with him. Lolz wer had.

When he finalley found his way out of twenny-dudes big kickass viking beard and whined around for feeling violated I told him how that was totally innocent and he totally didn't get what tham MEANT!

So I barfed, yeah, nd I lost a drinking contest. But my viking won.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So Person-I-Like and I are at the bar, and totally tells me about how guy joining us locked Person in a room until she'd have sex with him. Apparently, he was innocent, and totally didn't get what that MEANT.

As we left the bar, they totally spent ten minutes just hugging each other and talking in front of Person-I-Like's car. Person-I-Like trying to tell him that Person is graduating, and won't be talking to guy anymore.

I'm okay though. Totally just had my...elevendy-billionth drink. It's making me think. I have a cunning plan. Gonna save the day by outdrinking him, and showing Person-I-Like how awesome I am. It'll be totally awesome.

Passing out now.


this is the third post of somethign

SO I WAS gtalking to rororo and he said that it wasn't my fault and then thing shappend and my window broke and stuff

so I fucked someone and then windos

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Okays so I'm totally sober now. Okay so I'm J, no wait I was already writing about that. I really want to talk about how I was kitting on this chick and she was totally going for it and then her like frat bro boyfriend came up and was like I'm going to leave now and the bastard punched me in the face and shit

I'm just all bloody nosed and stuff. Bastard, bet he has a tiny dick.

so yeah, apart ddrom that I've ogt finals and stuff with finals and shit and just busy buys bys but enough time to drink ig uess. :D ::D