Friday, January 18, 2013

Darkwing duck here again to offer profound scholarly wisdom to all you dumb fuckers whoare still following this weirdass blog story post thing that be dropping off your radar hard because no one else seems to really post here and it's just like whooooaaaa bro whhy you be postin here again and I just like because I fuckin feel like it ude I am drunk and I fuckin feel like it and that is why I be postin here again "bro".

Okay so like I've been havin some pretty damn seciours thoughts over here in the batduckcave and I've been thinkin about gender because I finally just bit the bullet and became a women and gender studies minor and holy shit is there some cools tuff goin on in those classes. Like for real. My friend Leon and I were just like Let's Take Classes Together" and so we did and its just been fanfuckinfantabulous because we just show u p and bust shit u uuuuuupppppp but then like I see Slender Man or whatever outside the window and I'm just like "SHIT MAN GET OUTTA HARRR" and then I stop and I check my privilege and I'm like... wait a second am I a b ad person?

Because like
Think about it
Just think about it for just
Just one thecond
Like... why do we even call this thingie Slender Man? I mean like sure it presents as a pretty masculine figure with its big bald head and fine suit and squared proportions and distinct lack of curves but like... does that really make it a Man? Has anyone gone up to our pal and been like hey so like i don't think anyone has asked you your pronoun preferences and I don't wanna migenderyou so what's goin on up there with your gender identity yo? I really doubt we have and I mean sure we don't know if this thing even speaks our language or whatever and you'd prolly just be ripped apart into a puddle of crimson, blood pouring from every orifice as those black tendrils, dark as night, slowly work their way into your weak human flesh, creating divots and holes in your pathetic body, causing unimaginable pain as they penetrate you and cleanse you of everything that is life, leaving only a devoid husk of what you once were for others to find and scream and ponder over.

My point is, I think we're being pretty cissexist by calling this thing Slender Man. The proper term should be Slender Person, and this will be the term I adopt from this point on.