Friday, June 24, 2011

Drinking the hair of the dog that bit me

So I'm not exactly drinking the hair of the dog that bit me BUT i am drinking the hair of the dog I bit after another dog bit me, and by bit me i meaned BURNED ME WITH HIS HANDS i mean, wazs this because I didn't buy you a drink dude? I mean, fucking Jay was triing to buy you one before h went off to enjoy the benefits of john. John being the fucking bathroom. I hate bloggin and I hate Jay, so fucking stupid but's my best firend and shit anyway so. well. drinking. Just got up and it's the afternoon or something, not doing too well on that fornt. or doing REALLY WELL on that front. Or I need another glass of whiskey. or something.

my arm really hurts. because of HIS HANDS UBRN PEOPLE YOU COULD GET LOCKED UP FOR THAT OR AT LEAST NOT GET VERY GOOD SERVICE IN PUBS OW. it really hurts and everytime I move it hurts more so getting more booze makes it hurt. maybe if i pour some whisky on itas';dfghjls'kl;nb< ?>zcfg

That did not work. nobody tell Jay about htis right? ze had a really read the blgo anyway so theres no point btu  I DON'T KNOW THIS STUFF I DON'T KNOW HOW THINGS WHERK FUCK WHERE'S THE BOOZE
this was alesx by the way.

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