Thursday, July 14, 2011


cant I can't I can't.

Jay is drinking and zie's laughing but there's a fucking crazy outside our window and he was there when I woke up that night and he just watches and he never moves except sometimes he's behind the back of the bar on the windo by the stair snad he just stares more than thte talll guy. the tall guy just painted our living room with blood one day. my brain just lsides from what it looked like because i jstu coudlen't and we covered up with paint but i can see it on the insides of my eeyes a place tood ark and too close antd not far enogh away. and iw as crying. the tall guy painted the room and the blood was from a little girl but we don't know for sure, she just showed up dead wone day. but there was blood all over the room the day she went missing.

just ggotta drink and smile and fill the hosue with sex and drugs and people because he won't come if there are too many people here he won't come if the house is full fill the house fill the brain. It's fuzz, like his distortion, but to keep the world away. I have to find some chick who likes my face so i can fuck her and ignore that we're alone and we're going to die. the blood is bleeidng through the walls I don'tw ant to look at them. need to sip a cup of something undrinkable ger away from the people towards the people stay wawy from the windows please get me another another

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